stock portfolio

Amazon is going to go up in price right before Christmas because it is good for fast online shopping and the new same day delivery allows for any last minuet shopping to be done without having to leave your house.

saving for retirement

1) I would use Roth, 401(k), 403(b) and social security to save for retirement. I would use Roth because my money would be taxed as I put it in instead of when I go to take it out and I won’t have to pay the taxes on it while in my retirement years. I would also use a 401(k) because I could get it through my employer and it’s a defined contribution plan so I know for sure that money is being saved. I would also use a 403(b) because it can be “rolled over”, I don’t care to invest, and I want to be a nurse after college so I would be working for the government. Lastly, I would use social security because everyone is supposed to get it, and my employer will match what I put into social security.

2) I would rather save my money in the bank or someplace safe with me so that I know its there when I need it and I’m not taking the gambling chance of loosing it all at the last minuet.

scholarship for me

I would choose the AfterCollege Succurro scholarship. I would choose this scholarship because the only requirements for it is that you must earn a minimum 2.5 GPA. AfterCollege gives out 4 awards, and the individual amount of them are $1,000 for the minimum and $4,000 for the maximum.